Rodolfo Guzmán


From the beginning, Guzman’s southern flag was always his land, hence the use of ingredients from the heart of Chile. The main characteristic of its cuisine is to take advantage of what each season of the year and each climate condition has to offer. “Our food is not based on technique, but on the taste of a territory”, are the words with which he defines his style. Chile is one of the largest endemic pantries in the world so tasting each dish at Bogaró restaurant is a sensory experience. It is to perceive a country and its history through every bite. The cuisine of Rodolfo Guzman, considered one of the best chefs in Latin America, stands out for its great inspiration in the Mapuche people. Emulating the culinary customs of the Mapuche ethnic group was his main goal. “I feel that we are like the continuation of the Mapuche people because we continue to do the same thing that they did. Their professionalism and their avant-garde philosophy, which highlights the indigenous, has captured the attention of gastronomy lovers. He has managed to set a unique precedent in Chile’s international culinary projection.