Renato Giovannoni


Tato is a renaissance man, bartender, singer, painter, soccer player and artist. Born and raised by the sea , close to Buenos Aires, he started working at his fathers restaurant at 12, and his relation with the pleasures of food and drinks continues to this day. Giovannoni is the most celebrated bartender of Latin America and a true ambassador for argentina. He has worked as a cocktail consultant around the world and came home to open the highly respected Florería Atlántico that remains the only south american bar in Drinks International Best 50 bars in the world.

Dreams and flavors


The entrepreneurial creator of Florería Atlántico who has been chosen best bartender in the world, Tato Giovannoni, shares his inspiring career journey of dreams and flavors with BCC students at #GastronomyShapers. He thanks his family: “I had an academic mother who taught me the value of studying”.