Janice Wong


Visionary, dreamer, and artist. Her revolutionary spirit has led her to be named twice the Best Pastry Chef in Asia, becoming one of the emerging personalities in the global pastry circuit. Janice creates from the belief that there are no boundaries between art and cooking, manipulating textures, reinventing flavors and blends, redefining each creation. Her artistic mind is an inexhaustible source of passion for culinary art that defies gravity, logic and convention. His restaurant 2am: dessertbar, a favourite Mecca for Singaporeans, has generated a disruption in the way desserts are enjoyed, breaking down the boundaries between sweet and savoury.

More than a dessert

"We don't want just to feed you, we want to create an experience"

“People have lots of fun at our experiences, drinking from the wall or eating art”. The twice named Best Pastry Chef in Asia, Janice Wong, has explained in #GastronomyShapers the importance of creating experiences and art around gastronomy.