Hiroaki Kitano


Dr. Hiroaki Kitano’s role as President and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, his performance as Director of the Institute of Systems Biology for private non-profit research, as Group Director of the Disease Systems Modeling Laboratory at the RIKEN Center for Integrated Medical Sciences in Yokohama, and as Director of the Japan Government-funded Kitano Symbiotic Systems project, all support his unstoppable career path. He is also an expert in the fields of artificial intelligence and bioinformatics, as well as in the emerging field of genetic networks.

A look to the future

“75% of the world’s food is generated from only 12 plants and 5 animal species”

“The cuisine of the future will be sustainable, healthy, reproducible and personalized”. Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, has taken part in #GastronomyShapers to talk about innovation.