Ferran Adrià


Using creativity and innovation to reconceive the way diners approach a meal, he has forever transformed the history of cooking. The name Ferran Adrià is synonymous with that of his iconic restaurant, El Bulli, located in Catalonia, where the chef has wielded deconstruction to blaze new culinary trails. While preserving the essence of classic dishes, this Catalan chef has revamped ingredients, textures, shape, temperatures and aesthetics. He has also invented numerous culinary techniques (spherification, edible foam, etc.) and equipment, revolutionizing the gastronomic experience. Thanks to his exceptional prestige, Adrià was the first chef ever to be invited to show his work at documenta (Kassel, Germany), one of the world’s most influential contemporary art shows. Adrià’s latest venture is the elBullifoundation: an expansive project exploring what lies behind the notions of creativity and knowledge.

The evolution of El Bulli

It was a revolution when gastronomy entered the world of arts

Ferran Adrià explains in #GastronomyShapers the evolution of El Bulli’s creative cuisine. He believes that when the pandemic ends, the avant-garde spirit will be more important than ever.