Eneko Atxa


Committed to sustainability, the Biscayan chef distinguishes himself by creating new dishes, investigating aromas, and recreating atmospheres for the diner. Azurmendi, chef Eneko Atxa’s three-star Michelin-starred restaurant in Larrabetzu, also shines in the ecological firmament with the National Award for the Hotel and Catering Business Committed to Sustainability from the Spanish Federation of Hotel and Catering Businesses and awarded as the most sustainable restaurant by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Its cuisine combines technical and aesthetic perfection with flavour, relying on local produce, the restaurant’s vegetable garden and Basque roots. All this without renouncing to a constant culinary evolution.

“Sustainability, building the most ecological restaurant possible and getting involved in the environment is not a trend for us, it is a consolidated fact”.

For a sustainable, healthy and just society

Eneko Atxa is the first participant of #GastronomyShapers, an initiative that represents a new learning platform for Basque Culinary Center’s students.

In his talk, the chef and owner of Azurmendi, shares the development of his career, how he faces work and his entrepreneurial experience, highlighting the importance of local gastronomy as a tool to achieve a better environment and a more sustainable, healthy and just society.