Dan Barber


A chef and writer, Barber is the heart and soul behind the Blue Hill restaurants in Manhattan and at Stone Barns. The Stone Barns location, located in the outskirts of New York, is part of an agricultural initiative where chefs connect diners with the land by using exceptional locally-sourced ingredients. Barber advocates for environmental causes insisting that cooking be sustainable and responsible. As a lecturer on food and agriculture, he works as an advisor to Harvard Medical School and participated in former US president Barack Obama’s Council on Physical Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. Barber’s philosophy is based on awareness of what we eat, how our food is produced, and its impact on nature.

Delicious sustainability

"Seeds should be the source of flavor and nutrition"

Chef Dan Barber defends organic agriculture to make gastronomy sustainable. “Without organic seeds and small farmers, we won’t have a delicious future,” he explained in #GastronomyShapers.