Colin Michael Hall

United Kingdom

Hall is currently Professor in Marketing and Tourism in the Department of Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship at the University of Canterbury (New Zealand). He is also currently Docent in Geography, University of Oulu (Finland); a Visiting Professor in tourism, School of Business & Economics, Linneaus University (Sweden). According to Google Scholar analysis for the category of tourism he is currently the most cited scholar in the area and is also very highly cited in geography, regional development, sustainability and global environmental change. In 2009 he was named the Elsevier ScienceDirect ‘For Great Thinking’. His research interests include tourism and human mobility, regional development and social/green marketing with particular emphasis on issues of place branding and marketing as well as conservation and environmental change. Recently he has been researching on marketing in food and wine and Gastronomy.

Green, local and sustainable

"The meal producer is important, but think wider and longer"

“Lately, the concepts of ‘green’, ‘local’ and ‘sustainable’ gastronomy have been important for restaurants but, in fact, tourism is less sustainable than ever”, expert Michael Hall gives a controversial speech at #GastronomyShapers.