Alex Kratena

United Kingdom

Alex Kratena is recognized for having reinvented the traditional 5* hotel bar experience, making it relevant to 21st century tastes and sensibilities. Attention to detail, playful presentation and exceptional approach to service are all hallmarks of Alex’s unique approach to the bar. As head waiter at Artesian in The Langham, London, Alex has taken the bar and his team to multiple awards both in the UK and internationally. Kratena’s track record is unstoppable, and he has even appeared on the Creators List as one of the 40 most influential individuals shaping the future of the bar industry.

A drinks's purpose

“You have to ask yourself: Would I serve it to my mum?"

“Our drinks and our food needs to comply with our ‘rule of three’: it must be delicious, it must be beautiful and does it have a purpose?”, explains Alex Katrena. In this #GastronomyShapers the focus was on cocktails, creativity and culture of service.